History of Frawley, Wogan, Miller & Co

Frawley Wogan Miller Abstract of Title


John Frawley established the Frawley Company sometime in the mid 1930’s ( we have an abstract certified by him dated 1937). George T. Wogan, Sr. joined the firm after WW II and became partner shortly thereafter.

The company name was changed to Frawley, Wogan & Co. John Frawley died sometime in the mid 50’s. Fred Miller, an employee of the firm, became partner (date unknown) and the company name was changed to Frawley, Wogan, Miller & Company (a partnership). George T. Wogan, Jr. joined the company in 1978.

George Sr. died in 1991 and his interest passed to George Jr. In 1992 Fred Miller sold his interest to Dwight N. Rockwood, Jr. an employee and resident partner operating the office in Pensacola, Florida sometime in the early 70’s and several years later began working out of the New Orleans office. The name of the company remained Frawley, Wogan, Miller & Co. In 1996 Dwight sold his interest to George Jr. and again the company name remained the same until 2018 when it was changed to George T. Wogan & Associates, Inc.

Frawley Wogan Miller Logo


The South Louisiana Abstract Archives (SLAA) were first stored in offices on Jackson Ave. in New Orleans. In the late 60’s, the company purchased an old building at 410 S. Rampart which was renovated so as to include offices on the first floor and the archives on the second floor. Sometime in the late 70’s the company purchased the building at 200 Magazine St. owned by the Jaubert Brothers Company. The building was renovated to include office space on the 2™4 floor and the archives located on the 3″ floor. The building is now the site of the Pelham Hotel whose entrance is on 444 Common St.

George Wogan, Jr. and Dwight Rockwood, who acquired equal parts of the company in 1992 moved the office and archives to the 4600 block of Fairfield St. in Metairie, La.

In 2002 George Wogan, Jr., having purchased Dwight’s interest in 1996, moved the archives to a 4000 square foot office/warehouse he had constructed on his property in Folsom, La.